Communication orchestra

Communication Btzlilim- experience Orchestra ( grades III – IV )

Music is actually a powerful communication tool . The power to create or design a certain atmosphere , eliciting defined , influence the emotions , adjust behaviors , deliver messages . Music is an art that enables human expression and communication . Music , idea or message to the media can be transported very little public information – even a single note , or a short motif . We will try to demonstrate , among other things , a variety of examples of the sentence: “Music begins where words run out .”

Syrinx – Claude Debussy
Vivaldi – Chapter 3 of the solo violin concerto and violin season has echoed afar
Bach – Dinar
Beethoven – Symphony No. 5, Chapter One
Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5
To . Anderson – Fidel Fadel
Hayden – Chapter Two of surprise symphony , No. 94
Overhead Auditorium – Israeli song , ” equal ”
Mozart – from Jupiter Symphony 41
Strauss – Marsh Rdtzki

The program lasts about an hour

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