1 DONOR:  anything from 10 shekel and up either once or on a monthly basis. You can donate anything and be mentioned with name as a donor, or be anonymous, have the amount included on the page or not. You can choose one of the following funds to donate to: 1.INSTRUMENT FUND   2.INTERNATIONAL TOURING  3.ORCHESTRA MEMBERS FUND. 

2 BECOME A PATRON: 100 Shekel and up on a monthly basis. Be welcome in to the inner circle of the orchestra, such as special gatherings with the musicians, preconcert and post concert events, and help support one of the programs below: 1. INTERNATIONAL TOURING  2.SUPPORT A SPECIAL MUSICIAN IN THE ORCHESTRA  3. SUPPORT OUR MUSIC LIBRARY 4. SUPPORT COMMiSSiONS OF NEW WORKS.

3  BECOME A CORPORATE PARTNER: Sponsor numbers upon special negotiations, preferably on a yearly basis. As a Corporate Partner you will: engage key stakeholders with exclusive, elegant, ‘money can’t buy’ events, drive business back to your brand through targeted promotions to the sophisticated audience of ISRAEL NK ORCHESTRA and demonstrate your corporate citizenship and commitment to the ISRAELI COMMUNITY through your support of the ISRAEL NK ORCHESTRA. Depending on your investment you will enjoy a special performance in a private setting design specially for you by our music director Christian Lindberg, have a chance to come behind the stage and attend a high octane rehearsal in the so called ” HOT CHAIR” sitting right beside one of our dedicated musicians looking right in to the maestro´s eyes while rehearsing, naming rights to particular tours, and the best seats in the house. 

4 MAIN SPONSORSHIP: upon special negotiations. Preferably a three year contract to be automatically prolonged should it not be terminated by either party. Become the first ever main sponsor in the history of the Israel NK Orchestra! This will mean that you can relate your whole business to this orchestra, be mentioned at every single event the orchestra as the main sponsor and also have a role in shaping the future of the orchestra.

5 BE THE ONE TO INVITE YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST TO SOLO WITH ISRAEL NK ORCHESTRA. Maybe you have a dream of hearing your favorite artist and want to sponsor her/his fee? Christian Lindberg has connections to the very top names on the international stage, and through his contacts this dream of yours might become reality.

For further information & to donate please contact Mrs. Iris Asif

+972   77-4661766

[email protected]


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