Tool Band


Sound experience – ” Tool Band ” ( grades III – IV )

Let us recall for a moment the families of the various instruments on stage :


The string that sits in the foreground , is the largest group is divided into several groups .
Violins , viol – big and small cellos violins , cellos alongside and behind them the biggest bass -hcli .


Sitting behind center stage tool Exhale tree : flute , oboe , clarinet , bassoon
Along with Brass : trumpet and horn
Player sits on the whole family The percussion – it has only two hands , and he plays many instruments .
And there is someone standing on the stage and has no tools ! winner . Pay close attention to what he was doing with his hands .


Today we will learn the tools that produce magical sounds , each of which is a marvel .Open – looting : Marsh Torador

Display strings: Violin , cello , playing pizzicato
Vivaldi – Four Seasons – Winter – solo violin
Vivaldi –Four Seasons – Summer – solo violin
Strauss – Pizzicato Polka
Display cello – Saint-Saens – Swan
Presentation bass – Koussevitzky – Wells
All strings: Mozart – A Little Night Music , Chapter One

Display brass
Bach – Diner – flute
Handel – From music on the water
Looting – Carmen trumpet Piccolo duet +
Looting – Carmen Dance

תפקיד המנצח
Israeli song – Adon Olam – Uzi Hitman
Marsh Rdtzki

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