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Kibbutz members orchestras

Kibbutz members orchestra was founded fifty years ago in order to allow players to teens in seventh through twelfth sessions playing together and playing chamber orchestration
Material guided by professional musicians , soloists and conductors among the best in the country

The orchestra works continuously since its establishment took out over the years renowned musicians participating musicians the best orchestras in the country and abroad and founded the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra .
The orchestra appointed three divisions: blowing orchestra , string orchestra and ensemble young string musicians participating in its graduate from eighth grade through twelve he wins Uri Chen who is also a teacher in the shade for many students .

Orchestras meet three times a year for conferences of five days .
Today the orchestra in addition to members of kibbutzim seats community villages and cities .
The orchestra maintains close contact with the music studios near the regional councils , and the orchestra Netanya – Israel Kibbutz Orchestra . Once a year during the Hanukkah holiday sustainable Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra joint concert with the ensemble of the kibbutzim adult and adult brass players brass .
Our vision is the orchestra will continue to operate and serve as a magnet for talented young musicians to come in the future Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra.



Here are impressions joint concert held two years ago :

Alongside young adults – the annual concert
Joint concerts are held annually conducted by Yaron Gottfried . They are a continuation of a preliminary musical encounter between the two orchestras .
On stage you could see in addition to inter-generational integration is also a mix between family moving :
The young Viennese bassist Avnet is the son of veteran violist of the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, Jacob sash and a bassoon player Miriam Susskind is the youngest daughter of viola Marina Susskind .
Concert musical encounter also constitute breaches of teachers – students : two young musicians playing alongside fund their teacher – musician orchestra’s chief fund Ruth and Ron ,
The young violin players playing alongside their teacher Marina Susskind .


The connection between the orchestra and professional adult young orchestra is the highlight of the training workshops for young musicians undergo several days of concentrated training , giving them an opportunity and a challenge to try playing alongside professional musicians and withstand high standard of performance for an audience . Orchestra management Netanya – Kibbutz Chamber sees this as an important educational project which aims to foster a new generation of musicians.

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